Photo Essay

On January 21, 2005, TH Richie made history at Los Alamitos Race Course in Los Angeles, California when he won the Drinkers of the Wind (G1), and subsequently seized the illustrious Arabian Triple Crown. 


We hope you enjoy this photo essay that brings you along for each moment of that historic evening.

TH Richie's Win of the 2005 Drinkers of the Wind

The afternoon before the races began... 

the anticipation! Minutes seemed like 

days. Then the crowds began to gather.

Below: Trainer Phil Saxer waiting for Richie to arrive for saddling. (Is he praying? Or nervous?)

Above: TH Richie enters the saddling paddock.

Below: Jockeys Up!

And the horses go onto the track for the start of the race.

Checking the odds and making a bet!

They are loading in the gate. We think.

And they're off!

TH Richie finishes first, making it FOUR YEARS IN A ROW that Rosebrook has won the Drinkers of the Wind!

After cruising to the finish, TH Richie turns around to make his way back to the winner's circle where his happy owner awaited.

And just one year later in 2006,

RoseBrook swept another incredible win in the Drinkers of the Wind, making it

FIVE YEARS IN A ROW to win this prestigious race.


Below: Rosebrook's Frynge Benefit wins the 2006 Drinkers of the Wind, holding off Maxisumus who is Rosebrook-sired!

A one-two finish in 2006 that made Rosebrook proud

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